Little Notepad

I’ve been playing around with BERG’s Little Printer for a while now, and one of the things I find myself often wanting to do is print out quick notes – shopping lists, a quick To Do list – little things like that. There’s currently no easy way to do that, so I put together a simple little web page to enter some text, format it and send it on to your Little Printer, and here it is: Little Notepad.

It uses the Little Printer Direct Print API, and for that, you need to know the unique code for your Little Printer. You can find that at the bottom of this page. The text editor I’ve used is a jQuery plugin,  jWYSIWYG.

Little Notepad is still a work in progress, so you might find the odd glitch, and there are a few more features I’d like to add, but so far, it’s proving handy for printing out the odd few inches of notes.

1 thought on “Little Notepad

  1. Landry

    As I see, you use the Little Printer Direct Print API,
    I did a little Bingo Game for LP, but I don’t Have any LP.
    I asked two times to LP owners for testing, but no answers… … …
    I think they was afraid about Direct Print API code stealing.
    Anyway, could do a test for Me ?

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