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Exquisite Corpse

Over in the Utata group on Flickr, there’s a social photo game that we occasionally play. Somebody takes an image of a piece of art (e.g. a painting) and chops it into small squares. Each participant is then randomly allocated one of these squares and they have to take a photograph that represents the square – a real-world representation of the contents of their allotted piece. The photographs are then stitched back together to produce something that (hopefully) resembles the original painting.

We’ve just completed the Round 2 of Exquisite Corpse, and I think we did a pretty good job.

Exquisite Corpse - Round 2

As before, I’ve put together a little widget to show the Utata version along with the original so you can compare the two. You can find that, along with our Round 1 result,  here.


Five weeks ago, I whiled away a Saturday afternoon cutting a piece of black plastic drainpipe into sections, drilling holes and sealing the ends to make three pinhole cameras. Now, I realise these may not be quite the most elegant cameras I’ve ever owned:

Three Cameras

but I was focusing on function, not form.
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Hoops and Fire

Last weekend, I took my camera over to Leamington and spent the afternoon with the Leamington Spa Hoop Club. A few of the hoopers were a little wary to start with, but once they got used to me prowling around the room pointing a camera at them, I got some pretty good shots.

Leamington Hoop Club

Afterwards, we gathered outside and the fire hoops appeared. It wasn’t really dark enough to get really effective long exposures, but I was quite pleased with some of the results – and at least the rain held off until we were packing up.

Leamington Hoop Club

I had a really good time – a fun afternoon with a really nice bunch of people. I hope they’ll let me go back again sometime.

You can see the full set of indoor photos here, and the fire hooping shots here.