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Misty Morning

I’ve been in a bit of a photographic slump just lately. The cameras have sat on the side of my desk for weeks now, looking forlorn and neglected. Yesterday afternoon, I decided enough was enough – I finally kicked myself into action and finished off the roll that had been sat stagnating in the Holga. I developed it last night, and scanned it in this morning. There’s a couple there I’m reasonably happy with. And now I’ve at last jolted myself out of my rut, I might even go out and take some more…

Misty Morning

Indicommons Launches

Indicommons is Live!

I’m very pleased to be part of a new project that has just launched today. Indicommons is a new blog celebrating the Flickr Commons and its content.

indico: to proclaim, make publicly known

The Flickr group Flickr Commons was born out of one fan’s desire to show her support for The Commons. Anna Graf’s creation of this group also answered new needs, ones that hadn’t been spoken: it created a home for all those people commenting, tagging, researching, and simply enjoying themselves — somewhere to bring them all together to share their passion for The Commons. They turned up — not only regular Flickr members like us but also Commons institution staff and Flickr staff — full of ideas and enthusiasm and passion to do amazing things, and committed to actually doing them.

Indicommons (“in de commons”) arose quickly out of this new group. We wanted to let not just Flickr members but everyone know how exciting The Commons is. Today on Indicommons you’ll find an interview with the Brooklyn Museum’s Shelley Bernstein, plus examples of members’ choices from the collections, group member research into an individual photograph, then and now subcuration, and cross-Commons mash-ups – just a sampling of what we know is possible and what you’ll find here.

Flickr Set Manager Public Beta Available

A public beta of Version 2 of my Flickr Set Manager is now available for all to use here. Please remember, this is beta software and is subject to change. There are still a few things I plan on tidying up a little over the next week or two, and there will probably be a few user interface tweaks too.

If you don’t want all the whizzy new features, version 1 is still available here.

To celebrate the launch of the version 2, I’ve created a new group on Flickr for discussion about the set manager. If you have any comments on it, or would like to report a bug, please go there to do so.

Wound Down

I know, I know, I’ve said a couple of times that I was hoping to get the new Set Manager launched before the new year. As you can see, that hasn’t happened. I’ve been taking an extended break over the Christmas period, and for once have been unusually successful in my goal to spend less time sat at my computer. I’ll be gently easing myself back into work mode later on next week, so things will soon start moving again.

In the meantime, I still have a few more days of curling up on the sofa, relaxing in front of the fire. Now where did I leave my mulled wine…?