Monthly Archives: August 2012

DPZAppNet – a PHP5 library for broke through their funding target yesterday, and so it seemed appropriate to celebrate with a new library. So, I took my DPZFlickr library, chopped and changed it about a bit, and turned it into DPZAppNet.

It all seems to work just fine, but there’s still a fair bit more to do – most notably, support for streams, but I’ll get onto that. In the meantime, you can find it over on github.

Announcing DPZFlickr – a new PHP library for Flickr

Last week, Flickr officially deprecated their old Authentication API and are now only formally supporting the new OAuth authentication flow. I’ve got a number of Flickr apps that need updating, ┬ábut the PHP library I’ve been using for years seems to no longer be being actively maintained and hasn’t had OAuth support added. So, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and build my own library, from the ground up, that supports the new authentication flow.

So, this post is to announce DPZFlickr. It was all put together rather quickly, but it seems to work just fine and so I’m sharing it with the world – I’m sure there are other folk out there who would find it useful.

You can find it over on github. All feedback welcome.