Announcing DPZFlickr – a new PHP library for Flickr

Last week, Flickr officially deprecated their old Authentication API and are now only formally supporting the new OAuth authentication flow. I’ve got a number of Flickr apps that need updating, ┬ábut the PHP library I’ve been using for years seems to no longer be being actively maintained and hasn’t had OAuth support added. So, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and build my own library, from the ground up, that supports the new authentication flow.

So, this post is to announce DPZFlickr. It was all put together rather quickly, but it seems to work just fine and so I’m sharing it with the world – I’m sure there are other folk out there who would find it useful.

You can find it over on github. All feedback welcome.

Nothing But Onions

Some years ago, in an earlier incarnation of, I ran a sub-blog as part of the web site, called Nothing But Onions, which featured bits and pieces about food and cooking. In the end, during one site reorganisation, I got rid of it as it didn’t really seem to fit well with the rest of the site which is primarily a vehicle to host various bits of software I’ve written.

More recently, I’ve had the urge to write a few food-related articles once more, but I realised that I didn’t have anywhere sensible to put them. So, last week I started up a new blog dedicated to my ongoing experiments in the kitchen. So, let me introduce to you, the one and only all-new Nothing But Onions. There are already a few posts up there, mainly dealing with a couple of recipes that a number of people have been asking for – finally I have somewhere to point them at! More good stuff will be coming soon.

This blog here at will, of course remain, and I’m sure I will continue to forget to post to it for many years to come.

Catching Up With Things

It seems to have been a busy year so far, and I’ve done a whole pile of things that I really should have written up here but never got around to. Most of the interesting ones are about the on-line MMO, Glitch, which I’ve been playing since alpha. It finally went live a couple of months ago, and is now fully open for business. The company behind the game is Tiny Speck, the founders of which were all core Flickr folk. If you haven’t tried Glitch yet, it’s well worth a look.

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Site Update

I’ve moved the site over to a new server, hopefully I managed to bring everything along intact. If anything appears to be broken, do let me know in the comments below.

As part of the move, I’ve upgraded my version of WordPress, and switched to the standard twentyeleven theme for now, just to keep life simple. I’ve been fairly lax in my posting habits again just lately, but there’s been an awful lot going on – I’ll post a general roundup later.