Set Manager FAQ

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Flickr Set Manager. If you have a question that is not answered here, please go to the Set Manager group on Flickr and post your question there.

How does the Set Manager work?

It uses the Flickr API to search for photos on Flickr that match the conditions you enter. It then creates a set on Flickr containing these photos.

How does the Set Manager work out which photos are most interesting?

It doesn't, it lets Flickr do that - Flickr allows you to sort your photos by interestingness.

Can I see my interestingness value?

No, Flickr don't publish absolute values for interestingness, you can only ever see the results of sorting by interestingness.

Can I build a set based on number of views/favourites/comments?

No, the Flickr API doesn't allow us to construct searches based on those things.

My set hasn't updated automatically. Why not?

First of all, make sure the Update Automatically checkbox is checked. If you've done that, you probably just need to be patient. The Set Manager will get around to you when it's your turn.

How often does the Set Manager update the sets?

The Set Manager tries to balance a number of things including load on the server and the number of calls it needs to make to the Flickr API. Currently it takes around two days to work through all of the sets stored.

I want to delete my set but it keeps coming back! Help!

If you asked the Set Manager to keep on updating your set automatically, then that is exactly what it will do. Even if you delete your set on Flickr, the Set Manager will automatically create it again for you when your turn comes around. To stop this, go into the Set Manager and delete your set from there.

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